I'm Jim Wilson, an iris grower in LaGrange, Kentucky, about 15 miles NE of Louisville. My wife Janet and I grow a wide variety of irises on 2.5 acres of varied terrain. Here, the map places us safely in USDA zone 6.

I started growing irises in Delaware in 1982, and was aided by the Diamond State Iris Society. There I became a member of AIS, president of DSIS and an AIS accredited judge. I moved to Oxford, Ohio in 1994, and to LaGrange in 2002. I've also served on the board of directors of the Society for Siberian Irises. Janet has served as newsletter editor for the Dwarf Iris Society. She is also an AIS garden/exhibition judge and has served as RVP of AIS Region 7. We are both members of the Louisville Area Iris Society and the Blue Grass Iris Society. We haven't done any serious hybridizing yet, keeping busy caring for our family, growing the irises we have, dabbling in daffodils, and occasionally updating something on these pages and others.

Another interest is my prairie in northern Illinois.

The pages have slowly evolved. Their ancestors were among the first iris pages on the web, but as more people developed pages and the AIS established one, the new pages were covering some areas much better than I did, and so I've begun to concentrate on a few of my favorite topics.


P.S. That's me (in younger days) in the back in the middle, with Snow and Cascade Crest. Janet is camera-shy, but we'll get her some day.