The American Iris Society is a nonprofit corporation for the sole purpose of promoting the culture and improvement of the iris. It publishes a Bulletin four times per year, supports a web page, and organizes a national convention each year. (Other sections and regions often hold other smaller conventions for their areas and issue their own newsletters.) It is also recognized, for the most part, as the international agent for registrations of new varieties of all but the bulbous categories. Joining is inexpensive and recommended for all who are interested in irises.

AIS is organized geographically into local societies as well as taxonomically into sections. Contact people for each affiliated local society are listed in the July Bulletins. The following sections (and cooperating societies) have been established:

        Dwarf Iris Society
        Median Iris Society
        Reblooming Iris Society
        The Society for Siberian Irises
        Society for Japanese Irises
        Society for Pacific Coast Native Irises
        Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA)
        Spuria Iris Society
        The Historical Iris Preservation Society (HIPS)
        Aril Society International (cooperating society)
        Society for Louisiana Irises (cooperating society)
        Tall Bearded Iris Society

Membership in sections is open to AIS members. Dues for each section are generally less than half the comparable AIS dues, and a complete list is provided in each Bulletin. Membership in cooperating societies is independent of AIS membership.

Membership in local affiliates varies by location. Some clubs charge dues and recommend, but not require, AIS membership. Others require AIS membership and may or may not charge local dues. A complete list of affiliates appears in every July Bulletin. Find yours there, or consult the AIS web page for further assistance.

The British Iris Society publishes a Year Book and newsletters, along with awarding its own Dykes medal. Another prize of note is the international Premio Firenze, awarded each year in Florence. Other countries with organizations include Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.