Wilson Prairie

Plants -- Mesic

In the small area on the northwest corner of the preserve, near Sumner Creek, plant life has a different character. Many of the plants are quite common, listed below anyway. However, one, the Glade Mallow, is rather rare.
Acer negundoBox Elder
Acer saccharinumSilver Maple
Alliaria officinalisGarlic Mustard
Arctium minusCommon Burdock
Galium aparineCleaver's Beadstraw
Napaea dioicaGlade Mallow
Pastinaca sativaWild Parsnip
Prunus serotinaWild Black Cherry
Rhus glabraSmooth Sumac
Rubus occidentalisBlack Raspberry
Taraxacum officinaleCommon Dandelion
Thalictrum sp.Meadow Rue
Verbascum blattariaMoth Mullein